The World of Flams by Dan Tomlinson is a complete book dedicated to the analysis and applications of flams. The first half of the book describes in clear detail the grace note placement and the effects it has on the flam regarding time, sound and pulse. Rudimental flam studies and applications are also studied in great depth. The second half of the book discusses the flam's evolution to the drumset in rock, funk, jazz, and Afro-Cuban styles, both in actual beats and fills. With the clear explanations and chop building exercises provided, this text is an outstanding source for in-depth study of the flam rudiment. Flams


"This book is proof that no matter how long you are playing, there is still more to learn! This book is a great musical twist to playing flams...applicable in any style! The World of Flams will spark your creativity for a long, long time!!!"
- Don Famularo

"Looking at flams under Mr. Tomlinson's microscope, one finds that there's more to these seemingly simple creatures than most of us ever dreamed of - let alone hold securely in our pocket."
-Rich Watson
Modern Drummer
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"I highly recommend The World of Flams TO ALL DRUMMERS!"
- Jim Chapin

In the maze of drum publications, this book really stands out. It offers a practical technique towards enhancing creative expression, and belongs on every drummer's list of study."
- Victor Mendoza
Associate Professor
Berklee College of Music